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Traverrse Safety Workwear

Welcome to RIDGID® Tools Direct, (a division of OAASIS) we are official UK Distributors of RIDGID® tools for pipe fabrication, woodworking, drain cleaning and drain diagnostics at the best prices.

RidgidToolsDirect.com is a division of OAASIS, a DistributionNOW company.

Electrical Tools
Electrical Tools by RIDGIDŽ. Featuring the new RE-60 3-in-1 tool.
Clamping Tools
RIDGIDŽ, the world’s leading manufacturer of Pipe Vices, Pipe Wrenches, Pipe Vic...
Threading & Roll Grooving
For pipe fabricating equipment, no one comes close to what RIDGIDŽ offers.
Pipe & Tube Cutting
RIDGIDŽ, the world’s leading manufacturer of Tube/Pipe cutting products and Tube...
Pipe & Tube Bending Tools
Pipe and tube benders are essential tools and with these RIDGIDŽ Pipe Benders yo...
Sawing Tools
RIDGIDŽ sawing machines and saws have been developed by professionals.
Assembly & Maintenance
RIDGIDŽ’s range of Assembly & Maintenance brings together a range machines to ai...
Inspection Tools & Equipment
Inspection equipment is one of RIDGIDŽ Tools newest product ranges but quickly R...
Video Inspection & Locating Tools
RIDGIDŽ innovation and quality embodies the Video Inspection & Locating range.
Drain Cleaning
RIDGIDŽ offers a complete selection of drain and sewer cleaning machines, cables...
Spare Parts
Spare parts for Ridgid tools & machines.