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RIDGIDŽ microReel L100 for SeeSnake Monitors

RIDGIDŽ microReel L100 for SeeSnake Monitors

Ridgid Cat No. 35138
Inspection camera system for pipes up to 125mm, passes 90° bends from 50mm.

microReel L100 Reel for use with SeeSnake monitors.

Lightweight and compact
These are lightweight, compact systems built with the durability you can expect from RIDGIDŽ.

The microReel is a universal inspection system that can be used with the microEXPLORER (CA-300) or any SeeSnake monitor, depending on the system purchased.

Both microDrain and microReel units are compatible. They both have the same housing which contains an inner drum. The inner drum contains the pushcable and camera head so it is the inner drum that decides which system you have. This means that the inner drum for the microDrain can be used with the microReel housing, and vice versa.

Locating Sonde
Depending on which system you select a 512Hz transmitter is integrated into the camera head to locate the exact position of your camera head.

Camera head: 25mm
Weight: 4.7kg
Length: 33.7cm
Width: 16.8cm
Height: 44.5cm
Resolution: 628 x 586
Ball guide: 2 included
Sonde: 512 Hz.

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