Traverrse Safety Workwear

Spare & Replacement Parts

We always recommend you use genuine RIDGID replacement parts to ensure the longevity of your tool/machine.

Batteries & Chargers
These versatile batteries are for use with a range of RIDGID products.
Crimp Dies
Standard, square & tubular crimp dies for use with RIDGID's revolutionary RE-60 ...
Cutter Wheels
We thoroughly recommend you only use genuine RIDGID cutter wheels. These wheels ...
Formers for use with RIDGID's electro-hydraulic and manual benders.
Hole Saws
RIDGID's variable pitch hole saws outperform and outlast traditional standard pi...
These nozzles are for use with RIDGID's water jetters.
Press Jaws
These press jaws are for use with RIDGID's pressing tool range.
Saw Blades
These saw blades are developed by professionals for professionals. Whatever your...
Wrench Parts
We always insist on using genuine RIDGID parts when your tool needs them, and wr...